Foot Massage

Your feet get sore for many reasons:

• Running or jumping – putting 3 times your weight on your feet.
• Wearing high heeled shoes. This puts your weight and pressure on the balls of your feet.
• Working or standing for long hours. Just think - your feet carry the weight of your entire body!
• Even just day-to-day living can make your feet tired and sore.


When was the last time you looked after your feet? Gave them a rub? Or massaged them?
You can’t remember?
We thought so. The last thing most people do is show their feet they love them.

But don’t feel guilty - we have the PERFECT SOLE SOLUTION!

Imagine a blissful Thai foot reflexology and massage, with just the right pressure on reflex points.
Imagine all the pain and stress leaving your feet. Imagine floating out the door, feeling as light as a feather.

That’s how wonderful your feet will feel with our special TLC package.

Relieve your tired feet
Don’t keep your feet waiting 

Did you know?
Ancient Egyptians used foot reflexology to treat problems in the body as early as the year 2330 B.C.

Thai Foot Reflexology is the combination of the well-known Traditional Thai Massage and Reflexology. The Ancient Thai Style Massage follows the designated lines (Zen) in the body.

When you rub or put pressure on the reflex points in your feet, energy is sent to a particular nerve, gland, organ or muscle in your body.

The benefits of a good foot massage are many, including:
→ Pressing the area between the first and second thumb relieves headaches.
→ Massaging between the third and fourth toe relaxes tired eyes and improves vision.
→ Pushing and massaging the soft spot beneath the anklebone reduces the pain from the sciatic nerve and it also stimulates the lymphatic system to cleanse the body of bacteria and toxins.

Thai Foot Reflexology
Our signature Thai Foot Reflexology is designed to soothe your feet. Start with a warm salt foot bath, while sipping our signature tea. 

Relax and recline as your feet are washed. We begin a gentle massage, applying massage oil to your legs, calves and feet. This leaves your muscles relaxed and invigorated.

Focusing on specific parts of your feet, we apply acupressure to rebalance your energy, and help your tired feet and legs.

When your treatment is finished, we apply a warm towel to your legs and feet. You then enter the light and blissful zone!

Isn’t it time to show your feet some TLC?

What our Clients say:

“Bodhi Thai really is top quality and radiates complete relaxation. Went here yesterday and had an incredible foot massage by a professional, it was seriously mind blowing... so much so that I booked in a back massage on my way out.”Olivia P

“This is the best Thai massage spa I've ever been to. From the moment I walked in the staff made me feel so welcome and relaxed. Very inviting atmosphere, light and warmth radiates through each space. Extremely clean. And the massages? Phenomenal… Best massages and customer service I've experienced in Melbourne (and I've had a lot of massages). Thank you!”Jessica

“WOW… Of all the Thai and other massages I have had over the years Bodhi Thai Massage in South Yarra is definitely the best. The reception and trained massage staff are lovely, very attentive and wanting to do their best for my massage requests… The ambience and calm atmosphere of the spa is very relaxing. I will now go to the Bodhi Thai Spa as often as I can.”
Lois M.

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Remedial Massage

Receive instant health fund rebates with Remedial Massage. An advance booking required. After you check in, our front desk will  simply swiped your health fund card through the HICAPS terminal. Once your claim is authorised, you will only pay the gap amount -  Book your appointment today 
We accept Visa, Mastercard, Debit Card and Cash
"All massages at Bodhi Thai Massage are strictly therapeutic only, therefore any form of sexual harassment or inappropriate behaviour will NOT be tolerated under any circumstance, doing so will result in immediate termination of the massage session and further action will be taken."
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